Creativity is openly encouraged, our holistic approach is a strength of the school


Creativity is openly encouraged in all subjects at Kitebrook and our holistic approach to education is a strength of the school.  

We aim to give our children a solid foundation in art which will allow them to appreciate and enjoy this activity throughout their school career and beyond.   A proper appreciation of the quality and depth of the artwork at Kitebrook is best achieved by talking directly to our ‘budding artists’ during a visit to the outstanding new studio overlooking the  Cotswold countryside. 

Design & Technology is popular and enables our children to explore by problem solving, risk taking and experimentation.  Children are taught how to develop their own ideas in order to meet real world needs and design briefs.

Music is a central theme at Kitebrook and as well as classroom lessons, children are actively encouraged to learn an instrument to broaden their musical horizons. We currently offer one-to-one tuition in; cello, clarinet, singing, cornet, drums, flute, guitar, oboe, piano, saxophone, trombone, trumpet and violin.

Children are also encouraged to use drama in all showcased events and they all perform in a production at least once a year. Private Drama (LAMDA) classes are offered once a week for those that would like them. 

We hope that children will find interests that stay with them for many years. Learning to be part of a team, having the self-discipline to practise a musical instrument, expressing oneself in art or drama, even learning to cook; these are all important life skills.  We also work hard to take pupils out of the school environment with a variety of trips, both in term time and in the holidays.