encouraged to respond and question as well as develop their creativity

Lower School 5 - 9 Years

Building from the nurturing environment of the Early Years, Lower School children become more independent learners, having their individual needs met within the safety of a warm and friendly setting.  We aim to provide a curriculum that is as broad and balanced as possible. In addition to the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and Religious Studies, every pupil studies French.

Most lessons in the Lower School are taught in class groups to enable pupils to settle in by working together. Mathematics and English are differentiated to enable every pupil to work at a pace best suited to them. In Years 1 and 2, Art, D&T, French, Music & PE are all taught separately in subject specific areas by specialist teaching staff. In Years 3 and 4, Science is also taught by a subject specialist.

Creative and practical subjects are a valued part of the curriculum throughout Years 1 to 4, and every pupil has access to Art, D&T, Drama, Music, Physical Education and Computing. The pupils also have three lessons of form time each week, plus a period of PSHE which is delivered by their class tutor.  

Pupils are given the opportunity to work as individuals and in groups. They learn to use the Lower School library and computing facilities and are encouraged to respond and question as well as develop their creativity in a variety of ways. Pupils are able to consolidate their learning by experiencing a variety of trips and workshops where they are exposed to a wealth of information that further enriches their learning.

We believe that homework provides an opportunity to prepare, consolidate and extend work covered in lesson time. Pupils are encouraged to manage their time well and the amount of homework set is monitored carefully so that it is appropriate to the age group.

By the end of Lower School the foundations have been put in place for a smooth transition to Upper School, where the children continue to flourish under the guidance of specialist teachers.