Year 8 trip to Italy

All of the children in Year 8 were in excellent form during our trip to Italy and very good company. There was plenty of laughter,  a great deal learnt and some really fantastic memories created.

So: they experienced crowded Neopolitan trains, climbed with verve up Vesuvius - and the view was clear and beautiful; played hide and seek in the tunnels under the Puzzuoli amphitheatre; gawped at the vastness of Pompeii; explored Herculaneum - but failed to discover the skeletons; swam and dived in the pool and made a sterling effort to talk with Italian children; ate pizza, pasta and chips, drank iced tea and lemon soda, and found a wonderful gelataria, anguishing over choices of flavours.

We were sad to leave but I'm sure some of the pupils will return in the future.


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Oxford Town & Gown Run...

A fantastic day was had by all last Sunday morning at the Oxford Town & Gown with some amazing running results from some of the Kitebrook team.  Fantastic camaraderie, perfect weather and huge fun had by all.  The team has recently reached £5000 of sponsorship for MAP Nemaline from the various fund raising forms.   Incredible – but it was really more about the team spirit, the Cothill band of runners were also running for MAP Nemaline – so there was a wonderful atmosphere of general support.  Thank you to everyone who came to run and support!


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'The Dream Stone' book...

Meriel Park, a Year 4 pupil from Kitebrook Preparatory School has published a book together with her carer, Anna-Marie, to raise awareness of her condition, Nemaline Myopathy.  ‘The Dream Stone’ is a fictional tale about Sam, the Dream Stone and his best friend, Meriel.  Inspired by real events during Meriel’s Dream Stone Triathlon (Which was supported by Mr Kruze, a Teacher who cycled 170 miles from Kitebrook to Mount Snowdon) and her other valued personal experiences while living with the condition, the book is written in a fun and imaginative manner. Illustrations are by Meriel and her elder brother, Miles and include photographs taken by Team Map Nemaline. All royalties from the book go to MAP Nemaline Fund, a ring-fenced fund for research into Nemaline Myopathy within Muscular Dystrophy UK Charity. Please visit their website for further information about Meriel’s Dream Stone Triathlon, MAP Nemaline, Meriel’s other fundraising efforts and to purchase copies of the book.


BBC Academy recognises Kitebrook News...

On Thursday 15 March nearly 800 schools, around 25,000 students and over 2,500 teachers were involved in BBC School Report’s 12 News Day.

What an amazing news team and Kitebrook Preparatory School was part of it.

The BBC Academy is showcasing some of stories and school websites and has listed Kitebrook Preparatory School’s dedicated website page and YouTube channel “Kitebrook News”.  This has been very exciting for our Kitebrook Young Reporters.  You can view the BBC Academy page at:

Just another reason to #lovekitebrook and celebrate!

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The future of business is at Kitebrook...

What a fantastic week the children had creating and running their various businesses during Young Enterprise Week at Kitebrook.  Various charities chosen by the children will be lucky enough to have a share of profits made, which were an amazing £1,921.  Well done to all the fantastic businesses and their enterprising teams!  Special congratulations to Year 2 ‘Kitebrook Greenhouse’ for winning the trophy for Best Business.


Prue Leith at Kitebrook...

Chef, Prue Leith, of Great British Bake Off fame visited Kitebrook Preparatory School and was delighted to receive a cake baked especially for her by its Boarders.  Ms Leith also received a jar of marmalade made by the Year 7 class who will also be entering a jar into the 'World's Original Marmalade Awards'.  The children of Kitebrook were enthralled by the famous chef's stories of her over 40 year career with food, and certainly they have been inspired to cook more at home with their parents.  A fantastic and rare opportunity for the school and it's pupils!

New Headmaster...

Mr Millett, a year 4 pupil from Kitebrook Preparatory School has acted as 'Head for the Day' at the school. Mr Millet, 8 years old, was interviewed by Kitebrook's BBC Young Reporters and will also appear on Cotswold TV.  His day was spent holding staff meetings including an appraisal, leading morning assembly, reviewing school documents and touring the school.  Seated at 'Top Table' in the Dining Hall, Mr Millett said "I am proud to be Kitebrook's Headmaster and I hope everyone thought I did a good job."  Both pupils and staff agreed that Cameron Millett lead the school with great professionalism and enthusiasm.

Star performance at theatre...

A Kitebrook pupil is performing at this year's panto at Chipping Norton Theatre. Tilly Ross auditioned to take part in the performance of Sleeping Beauty last October against some stiff competition. This is her first performance and she is delighted to be a part of the production. The production's staff say her dedication and enthusiasm has certainly contributed to the overall success of the panto. Photo credit Josh Tomalin.