Easter Fun!

The end of the Spring Term was rounded off nicely, with Kitebrook hosting three schools for ‘The Great Egg Race’!  This is a team cross-country relay race where each runner completes a lap carrying a raw egg and passes it on to the next member of their team.  The winners not only have to pass the finishing line first, but must still be carrying at least some part of the original egg!

Three schools took part in the event with teams of boys and girls in the U9’s, U10’s and U11’s. Supporting parents enjoyed a delicious match tea and all the runners went home with a chocolate egg for their efforts.

Children in Pre School and Reception also enjoyed the run up to Easter by creating a beautiful array of Easter bonnets all by themselves.  Although some of the older children couldn’t resist joining in too! Congratulations to our winners; Clemmie and Hugo in Pre School, and James and Gabriel in Reception.