A team from the British-based Bloodhound Super Sonic Car project (SSC) visited Kitebrook School on Monday 6 March to help the pupils make their own model rocket cars. The model car programme has been developed by the Bloodhound Team together with sponsors including the software giant Microsoft. The aim of these events is to inspire the next generation of physicists, engineers and computer scientists.

As part of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) day, pupils from Kitebrook learned about the maths and aerodynamics behind the supersonic car. Armed with this information, teams of pupils went on to design and make their own model car out of foam. Their goal was to produce the fastest design, taking into account the shape and weight of the vehicle. Another challenge for pupils was to learn how to code a BBC micro-bit to accurately measure the speed of the car. 

Once the model car was shaped and the micro-bit carefully put in place along with the Estes rocket for power, they were ready to race! The netball courts served as the race track, with the cars shooting along the 38-meter line.  Team 7 produced the fastest car with an astonishing speed of 44.7 miles per hour!

Commenting on the event Headmistress Susan McLean said:

“We are so grateful to Microsoft and the Bloodhound team for providing the pupils with such an inspiring experience. At Kitebrook, we want our children to love learning, and programmes like this help enormously”.

STEM Day at Kitebrook formed part of a weeklong Science Fair.