Kitebrook rockets to success...again!

Kitebrook Preparatory School triumphed at the recent national Final of the Race for the Line, Bloodhound Model Rocket Car competition.  The Final, which took place at Santa Pod Race Way on Thursday 29th June, was the culmination of a competition that saw over 350 primary and 500 secondary schools taking part in local regional races.  With 30 teams vying for the top prize at the final, Kitebrook’s car, ‘The Wheel Deal’, came 1st with an overall speed of 49.53 mph.  The Kitebrook team was made up of Daisy Frampton, Isabel Speir (both Year 6), Alice Bratt and Deven Trotman (both Year 5). 

Commenting on their success, Aulden Dunipace, CEO of The Learning Partnership said: 

“After an hour spent speed building their cars, 15 primary and 15 secondary teams from the four corners of England and Wales witnessed their car’s first runs at the national finals.  Down a four lane race track rocket cars raced at upwards of 50 mph.  A 15 minute tweak session then followed and the cars took to the track for their second run.

In an outstanding display of teamwork, innovation and keeping calm under pressure I am delighted that the Kitebrook Prep team took first place at the national finals.

It is evidence of the innovative thinking of some of our younger teams this year, that so many were represented in the upper areas of the leader board and that Kitebrook Prep school came first overall. Well done to the Kitebrook Prep team, we look forward to watching your journey into engineering in the years to come.”

Commenting on their success, Susan McLean, Headmistress of Kitebrook Prep said:

“This result is fantastic.  It’s an affirmation of the Growth Mindset principles we follow at Kitebrook encouraging perseverance, resilience, collaboration and experimentation.  I am delighted that our team has risen to this engineering challenge, and I would like to thank them and our dedicated staff and parents that have encouraged this process.”

The Kitebrook team is looking forward to their prizes:

  • £1,000 cheque for the school
  • A trip to Newquay to watch the Bloodhound test run in October
  • If Bloodhound SSC reaches a stage in its project plan where a trip to South Africa to take on the world land speed record is confirmed and fully funded, the students and teacher will be offered a fully funded one week trip to South Africa to visit the Hakskeen pan and watch a Bloodhound test run (assuming one takes place in the week they are in the country).

Well done, Team Kitebrook!