Kitebrook is like a family home where children happen to learn

Pastoral Care

We encourage the children to talk about their worries or problems - and for those too anxious to talk, there is a little zippered pouch - Biff - in each Form room where children can discreetly post notes. At playtime, while the children are allowed to roam freely in the grounds, building dens and climbing trees, there are always two members of staff wandering nearby - and sometimes even joining in with an impromptu game of football on the lawn.

We encourage the children to have a real say about their lives at Kitebrook through a School Council of children from all the age groups who meet to discuss things they like about Kitebrook and things they would like to see changed or improved.

Kitebrook children like to care for others beyond their family and school, with charity events that are often run by the older children. We are proud, for instance, of the number of shoeboxes the children fill each year for children in need and the pleasure they take in doing so.

Our pastoral care aims to ensure that children leave Kitebrook with wings to fly; nevertheless, most of our children seem to return often to visit through the years - some of them even return to teach here!

Groups have always been the traditional way that older and younger children mix and get to know each other at Kitebrook. The four Groups - Ash, Beech, Cedar and Oak, named after trees we have here in the grounds - take part in inter-Group competitions and social activities ranging from the swimming gala and a variety of team sports to Group Concerts and Christmas Hat making. This Group system gives the chance for all the pupils to spend time together beyond the classroom and the playground. It also develops teamwork and leadership skills, fostering a sense of happy and healthy competition in the school as well as being great fun.

Kitebrook is more like a family home where children happen to learn; certainly we aim to care for each individual child in this way. All the staff know all the children very well, and we foster a sense of mutual trust and respect, believing that caring for each other is the only constructive and happy way to grow up. To this end, we have an open door policy for children and their parents; all of us working together to ensure happy fulfilled children who are achieving their potential.