Children should have the opportunity to play sport and develop a love of it
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At Kitebrook, we have 2 important aims within the sporting curriculum:

  • Children should develop a love of sport and physical activity, so that when they enter their secondary schools, they are keen to continue, whatever their level. 
  • Children have the opportunity to try, and are well prepared, in a variety of sports so that each child may find his or her strengths.

We have PE specialist staff who teach right through the school from Reception to Yr 8.  The children are coached in the major sports from Yr 1 and have regular fixtures from Yr 3, where the ethos of selecting the teams is inclusivity. The girls play netball, hockey, rounders, tennis and athletics; the boys play rugby, football, cricket, tennis and athletics.  Within the curriculum, we also offer golf, lacrosse (many girls go on to lacrosse-playing secondary schools) and cross country. Every child from Reception through to Year 6 has a weekly swimming lesson.  There are also after-school clubs, where the children can choose new sports or further their existing interests.

The Group system at Kitebrook is strong – the children are divided into four Groups (Cedar, Beech, Ash and Oak) and each term, there are sporting competitions, including a school swimming gala and culminating in Sports Day in the Summer term.

During the year, we send our elite athletes to specialist sports training days and as a result, some have been invited to apply for sports scholarships at secondary schools.

A final word of warning - our parents are also encouraged to get involved! We have an annual Mothers/Daughters netball match and a Fathers/Sons cricket match. Both are keenly fought and a huge amount of fun!