a time of significant development in your child’s education

The Upper School 9-13

The Upper School comprises Years 5, 6, 7 and 8.  On entry into the Upper School, pupils remain in class groups but are no longer taught predominantly by their class teacher. Instead, pupils are taught by subject specialists and move around the school to their classes. Small class sizes allow focused attention to ensure that your child becomes a confident learner both inside and outside the classroom. We are proud of our 100% success rate in securing our pupils their first choice of school on departure from Kitebrook.

in Year 7, pupils have the fantastic opportunity to spend the Lent Term at Le Chateau de Sauveterre (near Toulouse, France). This is a wonderful way for improving pupils’ French at one of our sister schools within the Cothill Educational Trust, as well as an opportunity to form new friendships.

The Upper School years are a time of significant development in your child’s education. Our excellent pastoral care system enables us to take an all round approach to each child’s progress. Each year group has a tutor and an assistant tutor who deliver high quality and consistent pastoral care. All tutors deliver PSHEE to their class and pupils are encouraged to take on roles of responsibility such as School Council Representative.

There is a wealth of extra curricular activity available and a key role of the tutor is to encourage a healthy balance between academic work and the valuable experiences outside the classroom.

Class teachers, tutors, and the leadership team are always pleased to discuss your child’s progress and any issues with parents and pupils. Working together is the best way to ensure your child's success and happiness.