The Plan...

In 2015 Mrs McLean established PECK (Parent Event Committee for Kitebrook).  The inaugural group of parents identified their first project in the walled garden, to create an extraordinary space for children to broaden their learning. 

Following the death of the schools founder, Anne McDermott, it was also seen as a wonderful way to honour her memory with the renovation of her beloved walled garden.

After 2 years of development an ambitious design is now coming to fruition. 

The concept is to utilise the walled garden within the academic and social parameters of the whole school curriculum. 

PECK plan to use the garden for events.  From growing our own harvest festival produce to hosting Easter egg hunts to strawberry festivals….the opportunities are limitless. 

It will be used to broaden the academic experience of pupils as well being a fun and dynamic after school learning experience. 

The garden will also be open to the wider community.  Local schools will be invited to use the garden as well as older volunteers.